Tim Broyer

A Mirror Says, “I Am Not Cruel, Only Truthful”

Once Silvia Plath expressed her true feelings about a mirror, in fact, the real hurt and pain a mirror had in its words, which were only understood by her. Do mirrors have a place in the society? It is not just a funny question, but it is also an absurd question to pose.

Well, to begin with, mirrors were the first concern of many pretty ladies in the olden days. And is it still the same? The answer is part “yes” and part “no”. Mirrors are the only instruments that, so far, had been able to give us an individual’s perfect reflection as he/she appeared in real life. It was also a very indispensable instrument that appeared in many households, wash rooms, bathrooms, etc.

A mirror is always capable of showing wedding photobooth us what is wrong and what should be improved in our appearance. From the moment we wake up and until the time we go back to sleep, how many times the mirror has helped us to beautify ourselves. Exactly, it would be a number of times. A mirror gives us the chance to appreciate ourselves and to be thankful for who we are and what we look like. And it has never meant us to be cruel because it just reflects us in our true ways.

Even though, most of us carry a pocket mirror everywhere we go, a situation in which it is impossible for us to have anything in our hands, what would be the perfect solution for us to pursuit? Well, nowadays, the perfect device that we can carry everywhere is our mobile phone. Thus, the front-facing camera does an excellent job in helping us to have a glance from time to time to make sure that we look pristine and flawless. And the big thanks go to whoever felt like adding that new and useful feature to a mobile phone.

Back in the days, such facilities were hard to find. In fact, nobody could go to a photobooth and check their appearance from time to time. And it will look absurdly unimportant even if they really needed to check the appearance once in a while. Link here http://www.viplanephotobooth.com.au/ offer a high standard service that can cover your needs.

Why? Because, to use a photobooth a person will have to make a certain payment, and even if the payment is low, going there time to time will make he/she appear nothing but a person who is affected by self-consciousness.

And when the adage goes as, mirrors do not lie”, then why not using one as a savior of the day. It will be a sure sign to show you if anything looks wrong and make each glance you take less effective on yourself. That is because; the attention you will draw by using a mobile phone to check how you look would be an embarrassment. But, remember mirrors are there to save you since their actual purpose is also to help you improve your appearance unlike the mobile phone.