Tim Broyer

Advantages Of Photography

Aerial photographs are pictures taken from few meters above the ground. It involves mounting the camera on platforms above the ground such as balloons, Drones, truck mounted sensors, helicopters and satellites which are both mounted with sensors. The sensors can be placed to take pictures vertically from the ground or in a tilted position or angle to the area to be captured.

Aerial photography offers a number of uses and functions. First they are being used as the better source of data for many types of projects; some of the projects are those requiring special data coming from a particular location in periodic intervals for some period of time. Examples of such projects include surveys for land use, analyzing the habitats of a place those used for Real estate planning.

Compared to ground based normal photography, this type of Image Couture Photography Sydney offers much significance and have more advantages. they are different from regular photographs in several ways such as recording infrared wavelengths, photos being taken at scales where people are not used to seeing and taking pictures that portray an unfamiliar position.

In order to capture best Aerial photographs and make them unique from the regular ground based pictures, there are several elements that need to be considered. These elements include the texture which implies the smoothness and roughness that a photo has, the tone of the photograph, tone is the colors that elements in a photograph has or how bright they are. It differentiates pictures and their element according to their quality .another element is the size of the object in relation to the scale of the photograph and the general outline of the objects. One should note that shadows in photographs determines the height of objects and are used to interpret them.

When these elements are taken into consideration during the capturing of photographs, there are a vast number of advantages that it will have over ground based photography. The first advantage is capturing in a bird’s eye view. This is useful in instances when it is not possible to take the pictures of objects from a ground based platform. Such views can be used in different ways for example a geologist for observing the rock patterns and bed formations, and engineers for observing the town pattern to plan a proper road network for the town.

Apart from that, they can also be used by geographers to prepare and topographic maps. This is because of the ability to capture a large area with high resolution pictures. Capturing from the sky also enables the photo person to get much finer details, and those actions that are rapid such floods, populations that migrate and of vehicles. Using ground photography cannot produce such pictures and videos clearly. Capturing such action during certain seasons can aid in the calculation of the wildlife population and also helps take measures to control situations such as floods, forest fires and other natural disasters. Lastly drone videos can record permanent historical and existing conditions.