Tim Broyer

How To Become A Good Event Planner?

Who is an event planner?

An event planner is a person who can coordinate any professional or party event or meeting. They are usually in charge of transport, location of the event, would be responsible for the decorations, and at times would even cater the food. A good event planner would be able to comply and work under any difficult situation with any client. There are different types of event planners at present. For example, wedding planners, corporate event planners, birthday event planners and so on. 

Talents and abilities that an event planner should possess.

An event planner should have very creative abilities. They should show interest even in the smallest detail of what the client’s request. They should have the labour to carry out many activities within a limited period. Each client would be different to one another. Some can be very understanding while, another can be very demanding. Therefore, and event planner should be one who is who can work under immense pressure. Meeting the deadlines of a project is crucial. Always, communicate with the clients and get their opinions on the planning. An event planner should be updated with the modern event trends. For example, if it is a wedding ceremony, the planner could suggest the clients to have a disco floor setting for the dancing floor which is in trend. Or a wedding photo booth hire with unique photo guest book.

A planner should be a smart negotiator. If you are a good negotiator, you will persuade the client to get the photo booth for hire from you that make your occasion special. Working within the budget is very important. You should be able to finish decorating or completing the project for the customer satisfaction within the limited budget they have offered. If the customer is completely satisfied with what you have organised, then that makes you a good event planner.

The salary and future of an event planner.

Though an event planner did not have much recognition in the past, at present an event planner or an event manager is at high demand. Therefore, the salary of an event planner would be minimum $500 per month. However, he or she should have the ability to work at any time to meet the deadlines provided. Always start by organizing small events such as birthdays, company events, and weddings. Once you have got into the flow of it, and being recognised for your work, then if you get lucky, you may even get to plan large scale events such as movie awards and fashion shows. The bigger the event, the bigger budget you would gain.