Top 5 the best types of coffee


A favorite of the Italians, the espresso is made from coffee beans that have been finely ground (boiling water at high pressure is used). This type requires advanced skills to obtain the desired quality but it does represent the closest you will ever get to pure coffee.

A good espresso represents a wonderful experience so be sure to give it a try.

Café au lait

Originating in France, this deliciousness is made from steamed milk and an espresso shot. It's a foam-type of coffee and it shouldn't be mistaken with the white coffee, which made with cold milk.

Throughout Europe, there are different varieties encountered, such as the café con leche (Spain), Milchkaffee (Germany) or café com leite (Portugal).


It seems that coffee and Italy have a strong connection, with the cappuccino being a preferred beverage for breakfast among Italians. The classic includes a shot of espresso, followed by one of steamed milk and a layer of milk foam.

Depending on your personal preference, you might want to ask the barista to add some chocolate sprinkles.

Long Black & Americano

These two different types of coffee have a lot of things in common. The long black is prepared with hot water, into which two shots of espresso have been added. If you were to switch the steps, then you would have an Americano (favorite during the war).

In terms of strength, the Long Black wins, even when it has the creamy foam on top.

Irish Coffee

A unique type, the Irish Coffee enchants with the flavor of whiskey, its taste being brought to a whole new level through the use of sugar and cream. This beverage is sometimes presented as a cocktail, being served in bars and restaurants.

Sipping the coffee through the cream is customary. Other alcoholic drinks might be used instead of whiskey, including rum or scotch.

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